Thomas Seiger

Highly passionate about analysing and improving mundane processes to empower others reach their highest potential with the support of practical solutions.


Deeply analytical researcher of the human spirit in all its facettes. As a talented self-thought artist Thomas mastered different methods to captivate beauty. Be it through painting, face reading or the study of Human Design. Driven by his collective desire to help humanity discover their uniqueness and express their inner potential in the most efficient way he co-founded the Human Design Commons. His inner hope is to bring solid practical solutions to the community before 2027.5/1 Sacral MGenerator, LAX Upheaval, Hope Motivation
Experimenting with Design since October 2012

Work & Skills

The automation of repetitive processes and implementation of innovative and practical solution became his main focus over the last 3 years.This resulted into a fully-automated planner system for diverse Human Design Content on Social Media and weekly curated Human Design News, the development of a Human Design Marketplace App, the automated ordering process of personalized Human Design Apparell and many other ongoing Projects that you can vote for on the HDC Roadmap.Tools and Skills: REST API, JSON, Webhooks,, JScript, CSS, Placid, Telegram API, Adobe Creative Suite, Etsy Marketing, Wordpress, Carrd, Flutterflow, Firebase, Figma,, Low Code, Google Cloud Services.

Contact Me

Reach out if you feel a Yes in working with me on innovative Human Design aware projects. Asking me at least one Yes/No question would speed up my response...or simply book a meeting

Thank You

Depending on your request and my inner response I will follow up with you soon.